Surveys – And Why Should you Take Ours?

There are some people who love taking surveys. They consider it an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with someone who really wants to hear them (unlike our children, our spouse or even sometimes our employees)! If that’s you, stop reading right now, and go take our survey … you don’t need any more convincing, because we DEFINITELY want to hear from YOU and we care about what you have to say.

If you don’t like taking surveys, or you need a really good reason to spend your valuable time doing so, or if you already have plenty of people who love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and opinions, then let me tell you why you should take our survey anyway.

We created Thriving Franchise with the sincere desire to help franchisees (and those who support them) achieve greater levels of success – and to enjoy doing it. What does that mean? Well, there are several types of franchisees – (1) those who are struggling to make the kind of money they hoped for when they first got into the business, (2) those who are achieving some level of success but are working so many hours and so hard doing it that they are burned out and looking for a better way (or a way out), and (3) those who aren’t making money AND are working too hard. (Actually, there’s another type – (4) those who are making money, AND working hard, AND loving it – that’s us…and it can be you if it’s not already. If you want to make lots of money and not work hard, we suggest you play the lottery and hope for the best.)

We developed our surveys for Franchisees and those who support them to ensure there are more of the fourth type of franchisees out there. By taking the survey, you can help us understand how to best help YOU achieve the levels of success you desire, and to have fun doing it. (If you’re already there, taking the survey may help others get there too, and wouldn’t that be nice?)

We are using the comments from the survey to focus our efforts on creating content that you need and want the most. While we know your Franchisor offers a great deal of support and materials for you, we also recognize that buying a franchised business is not buying “Business in a Box” – meaning there are still things you need to know to run a successful business, not just a successful operation. What are those things you want to know more about? How to increase profitability by decreasing costs? How to increase sales/visitation in unique and cost-effective ways? How to stand out from other franchisees in your market (following all of your brand’s standards)? Where to learn about financial, legal, and/or employment rules and regulations to keep your business out of trouble? How to inspire and motivate your employees (so they behave in a way that makes you proud even when you’re not there)? We want to know…and then we want to give you what you want to know…

So…now is that enough reasoning for you to take our survey? How about if we just ask nicely – “Pretty please with a cherry on top?” Or, if bribery works better, how about if we offer a chance to win a free Canon Power Shot camera with video capture for filling out the survey? Yes, we are offering that chance – so, now you have no more excuses not to take our survey at Thriving Franchise. Thanks for doing so!

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