We Don’t Know It All

If we don’t “know it all”, why should you spend time interacting with us? Well, that’s easy – because we are really nice people! Haha…I guess that’s probably not enough of a reason for you to spend your incredibly valuable time with us, even though it’s true! Actually, I think it’s to your benefit that we don’t know everything there is to know. We continually learn, grow, and increase our success – and we want to bring others along with us. It’s more fun to journey alongside people than to go it alone. And, frankly, we get an immense amount of satisfaction in helping others and seeing them grow, which is one of the main reasons we are business owners to begin with.

As multi-unit franchisees ourselves, we have the unique ability to give people jobs (sometimes their first) and teach them skills that will serve them long after they leave our establishments (such as a strong work ethic, how to work well as a team, the intrinsic value of being involved in the community, and how to respond to constructive criticism as well as what it feels like to be praised and recognized for a job well done). Similarly, we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned with other franchisees and working cooperatively with them to increase our brand to all of our benefit. At the encouragement of a member of our Franchisor team, we are also creating a business plan to become an Area Developer and bring our brand to an entirely new market. And finally, we created this separate business, Thriving Franchise, to share our knowledge and improve the results of other franchisees (from any brand) because, as I said, it is simply more fun (and profitable) to journey through life and business with others than alone.

We also feel privileged to have a unique blend of entrepreneurism and a corporate business background to share with others. Having owned both stand-alone businesses and a franchised business, plus having 20+ years of corporate experience in the hospitality business, we bring a diversity of experience and knowledge many others can’t offer. And, because we love the synergy of working within a brand, we feel having a niche within the franchise industry makes perfect sense. There are plenty of business coaches, consultants and experts out there who generalize in any type of business, but by focusing our efforts on the unique challenges and opportunities within a franchise, we can offer more specialized support.

But, as I said, we don’t “know it all” – which is why we are surveying our market to find out what you need most – what keeps you up at night, what frustrates you, what excites you, and what you want most out of owning a franchised business or being part of the franchise industry. By hearing from you, in your own words, we can ensure what we offer provides the most benefit and helps you achieve the results you’re seeking. Will you help us help you by taking one of our surveys? And, if you do, we’ll enter your name into a drawing to win a Canon Power Show camera with video capture – how cool is that? Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us!

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