About Thriving Franchise

Thriving Franchise was created out of the desire to support Franchisees in reaching their goals, and with the realization that while many believed they were buying a “business in a box”, in actuality there is more training and “tricks of the trade” they need to truly thrive. As multi-unit franchisees ourselves, and also with 15+ years in senior leadership roles within “corporate America”, we strive to help you achieve financial AND personal success as a business owner. As franchisees, we are #1 and #2 in our market in year-over-year sales (and #7 and #15 nationally, out of 300 units). We’ve been recognized as a leader by the franchise organization we are part of and also recognized within corporate environments for the results we generate.

Michelle Shriver, Founder & Principal

A successful business woman and franchisee, Michelle Shriver has more than 20 years of management experience, with 16 of those in the hospitality field. In addition to franchise ownership, Michelle has held a General Manager title for two multi-million dollar casino resort properties as well as a Senior Vice President of Operations role, with direct oversight of the General Managers of eight regional casino resorts, totaling $1.49 billion in annual revenues and more than $227 million in operating income.

Throughout her career, Michelle has received numerous promotions based on her leadership skills and exemplary work ethic. She is an esteemed mentor in the corporate and hospitality fields, often working with high level executives, business leaders and franchise owners to help them achieve unparalleled success in their respective industries. She is driven by the tangible results experienced by her clients, often pouring her heart and soul into each business as if it were her own.

Her unique blend of raw honesty, candor, integrity and respect for the business owner and their operations allows her to quickly uncover critical disconnects, while creating individualized solutions that are in alignment with the franchisee’s business and lifestyle goals.  She then helps franchisees reset and refocus their efforts to skyrocket them to the top 10% of their franchises using her specific strategies and techniques.

It’s not all work and no play, though. When she is not at the helm of a business or mentoring corporate leaders and franchisees, Michelle enjoys spending precious time with her grandson and taking luxurious vacations with her husband.  She’s on a personal mission to have a home in each of her favorite travel destinations, with 4 down and surely more to come!

Kriss Shriver, Founder

A natural leader and operational guru, Kriss Shriver helps franchisees better systematize their efforts, streamline operations and create organizational cultures that produce repeat customers, happy employees and raving fans for life.

Kriss began his distinguished career in the United States Navy, where he was an honor graduate of the U.S. Navy Oceanography/Meteorology Service School, received Letters of Appreciation from NAS Moffat Field Base Commanders, and received the Naval Good Conduct Award. He was a Section Leader and at the conclusion of his service, he was honorably discharged as a Third Class Petty Officer in the field of Aerography. Following his naval career, he naturally maintained positions of leadership in various corporations, receiving promotions in every company he worked for, prior to putting his talents to use in his own restaurants.

Kriss is also a talented, self-taught musician who enjoys playing music and listening to the gifts of others.  He is equally passionate about cars as his wife is about houses, with the goal of eventually owning one for every special occasion (piling the dogs in the Range Rover Sport for a road trip, zipping around town in the Roush Mustang, pulling up to valet at his favorite sushi restaurant in the Beamer…). He has a zeal for life and never backs down from a challenge.

Support Team

Michelle and Kriss employ marketing specialists, operational managers, and a personal assistant, as well as work with other talented professionals in the accounting and legal fields, to ensure a full range of support for their business and their clients.