Increase your profitability with our Services

If simply being one of many franchisees isn’t enough for you—if you want to stand out with your franchisor AND your customers—And, if you desire to be in the Top 10% of your brand, you’re in the right place.

We’ve found ways to increase profitability without sacrificing quality, hire and retain employees whom customers compliment almost daily, and create loyalty not only to our brand, but to our specific franchise location.

We are excited to share our “success secrets” with you so that you can experience the joys of owning a profitable and satisfying business – which is why you signed up with a Franchise to begin with!

And, we know it’s important to you to live like a business owner rather than feeling as if the business owns you. And while we are always looking to improve upon the concept of “work-life balance”, we love what we do…so, in actuality “balance” is no longer part of our vocabulary. (We’re not good tight-rope walkers anyway!) That said, we can help you achieve the level of success you’re seeking in less time and with less stress, creating a lifestyle that transcends both your work and your every-day life.

If you’re ready to experience significant and lasting results in your franchise business, we are here to provide the simple solution:

  • We’ll help you achieve the level of success you envisioned when you entered into your franchise agreement
  • We perform an assessment of your business, and then create a roadmap to get you from where you are now to achieving your goals
  • We provide personalized solutions to:
    • Increase bottom line profits
    • Create a hiring model to get the right people in the right roles
    • Increase engagement with your employees so they treat your business as you do – whether you are there at the moment or not
    • Eliminate your sense of “overwhelm” and help you “love” your franchised business again

Franchisee packages:

“All-in” three-month partnership

  • Bi-weekly phone calls and weekly email communications
  • $5,000

In-person one-day workshop – our place or yours

  • $3,500 (plus travel as necessary)

In-person, half-day workshop – in Las Vegas

  • $2,000

Franchisors and Regional/Area Developers:

  • Speaking engagements at Annual Conventions, Road Shows, etc., including tangible “take-aways” to enhance Franchisee performance
  • Speaking fees start at $3,000, plus expenses

Franchise Brokers and Consultants:

  • Affiliate / referral program for both Franchisee and Franchisor packages
  • Up to 10% for Franchisee consulting packages
  • Up to 20% for Franchisor speaking engagements

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